5 Personal Webfolio That May Click You Too

There are millions of sites in internet.Some are business sites ,some are personal sites and so on. And everyday other thousands are being uploaded .Here, i want to share about some personal site that may click your mind too. Cuz it already clicked me.

1. Charliegentle
This first site from Uk by the Web Developer charlie.I liked this site because of its simplicity and interactiveness. The cool color combination and layout is the best in this webpage. The graphic design is great.


2. M1 Design
This second site is designed in flash and is very interactive. The graphic is great , color combination is cool and its interactive feature is the best part. If you want to see the magics in flash ..then this will surely rock you


3. Ftdesigner
This third personal webfolio is of Alexey Chernishov, graphic/ media designer based in Kiev, Ukraine. The theme of the webpage is the most attractive part .There is no question on color combination , layout and presentation of the website. what i can say is the best creation of a graphic designer that will click you.


4. Serialcut
This site is an another example of the creativity of the perfect designer. Every space of the page is effectively used and the creative graphic design are things to watch on this page.


5. Weberica
weberica is the creation of a webdesigner from croatia.The beautiful color combination and the layout of the webpage is great.Contends are well managed and presented. And the most important the artistic view is very attractive.


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