8 Best WordPress Video Plugins

There are hundreds of video plugins for WordPress that give WordPress all sorts of video type functionality, but finding the best one that actually worked was a great difficulty!

Here, I’ve listed 8 of what I feel the best video plugins for WordPress.

1. WordPress Video Plugin
A filter for WordPress that allows easy video embedding of supported sites. Videos can be embedded from Youtube, Youtube Playlist, google video, Brightcove, Yahoo! Video and many other supporting sites.
URL: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-video-plugin/

2. Embedded Video
The plugin is made for easily embedding videos into a blog post. The videos can be integrated from external portals (like YouTube, Google Video and many many others) or they can be uploaded to the web server or a remote server and integrated as well. Additionally a corresponding link to the video on the particular video portal page or a download link to the local file can be generated automatically, if demanded. This supports many video portals including YouTube, Google Video, dailymotion, MyVideo etc.
URL: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/embedded-video-with-link/

3. Smart YouTube
A plugin from Vladimir Prelovac that allows you to easily insert YouTube videos and playlists into your blog posts, comments, and RSS feeds.The problem with some of the other WordPress plugins that accomplish this such as the Video Quicktags plugin, is that they don’t embed the video properly which would make it so the video wouldn’t show up on the RSS feed. This plugin takes care of all that.

4. Lightview Plus
A wordpress plugin which implements lightview of Nick Stakenburg. Lightview does the same as lightbox only with this plugin you can do it with Video from YouTube and Vimeo. Creates that nice hover over the page effect with a video.
URL: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/lightview-plus/

5. Simple Flash Video
The Simple Flash Video Plugin builds on the plugins that all ready allow easy posting of .flv or .mp4 files on the popular WordPress platform. Simple Flash Video allows for all of the JW FLV options to be utilized via its config.xml file and post level overrides. With this plugin you can easily post .flv or .mp4 videos to your blog and have your viewers instantly watch the video without having to fully download the video before watching. It also combines the popular Shadowbox utility to allow for the videos to float over the website content for a clean look. Additionally it now includes Simple Stats which allow for highly detailed information on the viewing of your videos that are hosted played on your site.
URL: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/simple-flash-video/

6. Daiko’s YouTube Widget
Adds a sidebar widget to display a defined number of random YouTube videos of your own choice. Make your own videolist in the widget-control-panel. This is quite useful plugins.

7. YouTube With Style
When you embed youtube videos on your site, instead of using the same old YouTube player skin you have a custom skin that you can brand yourself. The player is very slick and you can place your own logo to show on the top left hand corner.

8. ProPlayer
Places online videos (YouTube, Vimeo, Veoh, Youku, Dailymotion, etc..) into your post by using JW FLV Player. 10,000 downloads in first 2 months, and still counting! Here are couple nice features: 27 different Skins, Custom Playlists, Youtube Playlists, Video Ratings, Audio Visualizer, Displaying Watermarks, and much more..
URL: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/proplayer/

[PS: Anish Blon his list of 5 cool Video plugins, please checkout!]

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  10. This is a great list of WordPress plugins! This is especially useful to me, as my own blog on WordPress really does need some improvements, and I know some of these will definitely help. I am particularly interested in using the ProPlayer plugin, as I do have videos relating to my blog, but as a newbie didn’t really see a viable way of getting them on there.

    However, another plugin which for some reason wasn’t on this list is the Johnson Boxes plugin. It is really easy to use, and has been a life saver for me and my blog.

  11. Hey Saroj,

    I am looking for a video plugin, wherein I should be able to play the video and I want to have comments enabled beneath that video. (Like the way we comment on youtube videos on youtube).
    I found the video plugins but I couldn’t find the comments section enabled beneath it. I need comments section to make it user interactive.
    Any help would be highly appreciated..


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