StudioPress Launches The Genesis Theme Framework

After two months long work, StudioPress finally come up with a bang with new Genesis Theme Framework. Along with it, they have released two child themes Executive and Mocha to add up design flavor and extensibility to core theme. Overall, it looks great addition to theme list. As per them, new framework is created keeping…

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Create a live time clock in your webpage

Sometime we need to put a live time clock in webpage. There are various codes and scripts which allows us to insert live time and date in the page . I was reading an article and found quite easier than the ones i have used in my projects. So i feel that i should share…

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How to Get IP Address of Visitor

This is a simple PHP tutorials and script for getting remote visitors with their IP Address. With this tracking your visitor is very easy and simple with PHP. PHP has a set of global variables. Among them, we use $_SERVER variable to get an IP address of a remote computer. REMOTE_ADDR is the constant that…

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Getting Traffic to site and Earning Money

Pretty simple and candid to get a traffic to a site. Due to the advent of advertising program and pay per click services offered by Google, Yahoo and MSN, earning has become an easy. But to make a money, your website must attract more visitor. And to get visitors regularly, the content of your site…

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