Basic jQuery Tutorial: Add Remove Attribute

In this article, I will be showing you how to add or remove HTML attributes. HTML attributes like title, href, src, etc. For example:-

<img src="abc.jpg" class="test" alt="abc" />

Here: src, class, alt, title are attributes.

You can add attributes like above through jQuery. You can also remove the attributes with jQuery.


Here is the HTML source. This contains a link with id ‘myLink’ and Add and Remove buttons with id ‘add’ and ‘remove’ respectively.

<div class="content">
<a id="myLink" href="#">This is my LINK</a>

Adding Attribute

The following function works as follows:
– myLink is the id of a href link
– add is the id of add button
– when add button is clicked, some style (css) is added to the link with id ‘myLink’
– after that, ‘title’ attribute is added to link with id ‘myLink’

	$("#myLink").css({"font-weight":"bold", "color":"red", "text-decoration":"line-through"});
	$("#myLink").attr("title","My Link Title");

Removing Attribute

The following function works as follows:
– there is a button with id ‘remove’
– when remove button is clicked, the following things happen:
– ‘style’ attribute is removed from the link with id ‘myLink’
– ‘title’ attribute is removed from the link with id ‘myLink’




10 Comments Basic jQuery Tutorial: Add Remove Attribute

  1. Vadim

    This is cool that you are writing this jQuery tutorials for beginners, but could you write some on jQuery syntax, because sometimes a beginner can get confused on parenthesis and curly brackets sets, when they gets more than two pairs.

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  7. max hodges

    Hi, I’m trying to remove all the TITLE attributes from the img elements on my site. WordPress is adding them, and I tried to change the WP code, but too many things depend on the title tags being in there, so I’d like to see if I can remove them with jQuery.

    I tried adding this to my head


    but it’s not working.
    Any ideas? I’m very new to jQuery.


  8. v_omar


    There is a way not to repeat several times removeAttr


    It can be used so


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