DIV height problem in IE

box2When I was trying to create a division using DIV tag and fix a height to value below 12px in IE, the height didn’t go below about 12px in the webpage. After trying and testing a lot, I googled and found that it was minimum height bug in Internet Explorer.

There are couple of ways to fix this min-height bug:

Solution 1: Put a comment inside the div

<div style="height: 10px;><!-- --></div>

If the above solution doesn’t solve the problem then:

Solution 2: Put &nbsp; inside the div and add this to its style

div#seperator { font-size:1px;line-height:0;}

And specify the actual height using the tag

For example: if we need to set a height of 5px then

<div id="seperator" style="height:5px;">&nbsp;</div>

This it it. My problem was fixed. :)

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  3. apart from header being collapsed and expanded ….it should also ensure that footer is fixed below and whenever i collapse the header …the body area should expand leaving the footer as fixed so that the data inside the body area gets the whole space to be viewed.
    can anyone give me solution to this problem please…???? :(

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