iPhone Application for FIFA WC

Sports, one of the exciting part for the entertainment. No matter you play or just watch it LIVE on Televisions or view scores and commentary in your PCs/Cell phones this will makes you crazy. While browsing it from normal cell phone you need to refresh the mobile browser time and again. iPhone, the amazing product from Apple give you the best option to get the detailed information of all games without directly using the browsers. ‘Applications for iPhone’ made it possible. In all categories (Games, Education, Sports etc.) of application era iPhone is in very high position in compare to other phones like Google’s Android & Blackberry.
Football the craziest sports, whether it’s a club level or between nation level people do not want to miss a single match. So, here I am reviewing a best application for Football, which is especially developed for FIFA World cup 2010. This application is developed by ESPN and copyrighted to them, the leading sports channel.

It’s amazing to think about how following sports has changed for the iPhone fans. When the last World Cup was contested four years ago, the iPhone didn’t exist. When this year’s tournament ready to kick off from next month, you’ll be able to watch all action in your iPhone.

In few days, 32 countries from around the globe will compete for the world’s most prestigious trophy – the FIFA World Cup. For the first time ever the Cup will be lifted in Africa and ESPN is one of the official broadcaster which will be there to bring exclusive coverage of this historic event to your iPhone with this application.

Since the global event doesn’t kick off until June 11, launching the app at this point brings up a large countdown timer at the top of the screen. The entire look of the app mirrors the bright color scheme adopted by the South African host nation and the tournament organizers.

Below the countdown, you can select from a menu of Teams, News, Fixtures/Schedule, and Tournament History. You can also select favorite teams in the settings panel, so a link directly to that team’s page shows up at the top of the menu for quick access to news, rosters, and more. Along the very bottom of the screen is the familiar ESPN headline scroll, featuring only World Cup-related headlines. You can tap any of these to be taken directly to the ESPN story in the in-app browser.

Feature of this Application:
* Exclusive global news and analysis from ESPN and ESPN Soccernet.
* Extensive profiles of all 32 teams and the world’s top footballers
* Full tournament schedule
* Group news and profiles
* Personalization – select your teams and show your support!
* World Cup tournament history dating back to 1930
* Profiles of all 10 host venues
* Fantasy Bracket Predictor – put your knowledge to the test and choose next World Cup champion
* Soccer Power Index – exclusive ESPN rankings of the top 100 FIFA teams.

This application is rated 4+ out of 5 by the iPhone application users and Free of Cost. This application is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

Download: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/espn-2010-fifa-world-cup/id342370555?mt=8

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