5 Popular WordPress Plugins for Image Handling (Showcase, Gallery)

Image Courtesy: www.mattstow.com

Image is one of the best option to show or present something on web. Picture expresses thousand more words than what we write with letters. So it is the must to handle and present the image in web page. WordPress have different options or plugins that can manage, present picture in attracted way. Today i am going to write about some popular plugins that can be used to handle these images.

1. NextGEN Gallery
NextGEN Gallery is a full integrated Image Gallery plugin for WordPress with a Flash slideshow option.


  • Templates : You can add custom templates for your theme.
  • Media RSS feed : Add the Cooliris Effect to your gallery
  • Role settings : Each gallery has a author
  • AJAX based thumbnail generator : No more server limitation during the batch process
  • Copy/Move : Copy or move images between galleries
  • Sortable Albums : Create your own sets of images
  • etc

2. Flickr Photo Album
This Flickr plugin for WordPress will allow you to pull in your Flickr photosets and display them as albums on your WordPress site.


  • Customizable
  • Third party commenting services are also supported
  • Visitors to comment on your photos
  • A simple Flickr widget to include your photos into your blog’s sidebar
  • etc.

Author:Joe Tan
Click here to download this Plugin.

3. WP Photo Album
This plugin is designed to easily manage and display photo albums within WordPress site. This is one of the most popular plugins in WordPress. If you are searching for something simple, this might be one of the option.


  • Plugin admin section under Manage then submenu Photos.
  • Manage and create albums.
  • Move photos to and from albums
  • Upload and delete photos
  • Adjust thumbnail and full view picture sizes

Author: Rubin J. Kaplan
Click here to download the plugin.

4. Fotobook
Facebook, i think i dont need to explain about this. If you are searching for the plugins which can associate your photos from facebook albums to your webpage then this might be one good option .It uses the Facebook’s API so importing your photos.


  • Interfaces with Facebook’s API
  • Displays photo albums on a WordPress page
  • Import photos from mulitple Facebook accounts
  • Sidebar widgets for displaying random or recent photos & albums
  • Creates an album of photos that the user’s tagged in
  • Insert individual photos into posts/pages
  • Easy-to-use Ajax album management panel
  • Frontend validates as XHTML 1.0 Strict
  • Works with PHP5 & PHP4

Author:Aaron Harp
Click here to download the plugin.

5. Lightbox2
If you are searching for the WordPress plugins that linked images into neat Javascript-powered overlay popups then this might be one option. There are various option to show the images.
Author: Lokesh Dhakar
Click here to download the plugin.

Now you know about them, you may download and give it a try in some of your sites.

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