Getting Traffic to site and Earning Money

Pretty simple and candid to get a traffic to a site. Due to the advent of advertising program and pay per click services offered by Google, Yahoo and MSN, earning has become an easy. But to make a money, your website must attract more visitor. And to get visitors regularly, the content of your site must be such that visitors browse regularly. The more visitor that come to your site, there is more chances of them clicking an advertisement and therefore more money for you. Further, even if they do not click on ads, Google Adsense’s CPM – Cost per thousand impressions ads generate money for you with every impression so the more the better.

Search engines

Search Engines are primary source of getting traffic. people search and find sites in search engine. So, optimize your site with particular keywords. But do not over stuff keywords, your site may be thrown out of google’s index.

If your site pulls up within the first page on search engines result, then its for sure; you will get a traffic on your site. Make sure that you have your site submitted major search engine and directory like Google, MSN Search (beta) and Yahoo!, DMOZ.

Try to be Spotted

Try blogging and do something to get noticed. Publish and try to get your articles featured in popular site like Sitepoint, CSSBeauty, SlashDot. This can benefit you with a bit of traffic and gets your site noticed.

Original Content

The content of a site should be fresh. Since most of the articles are published in this internet cloud somewhere, if the articles is already published then make sure to add up the site name as reference and make amendments to the articles and add your view as well. Update your content regularly. Once a person has visited your site they often come back a bit later. Offer RSS and email updates so that you keep your visitors. Also, the more you update, the more often the search engines will index your site.

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