Make Your Website More Popular & Interactive With Cool Wibiya Toolbar

Wibiya enables blogs to integrate the most exciting services, applications and widgets of their choice into their blog through customized web-based toolbars.


You can add the toolbar to wordpress, blogger, typepad, drupal, joomla, ning, vBulletin, and even in your custom website as well.

– Increase page views and time on site
– Increase content sharing with the social tools available
– Enrich your content and increase communication

Here is a list of Applications available in wibiya toobar (there are more applications than the list below):

Search (add search box in the toolbar)

Google Translation (translate your page with google translation)

Latest posts (view latest posts from the toolbar)

Random posts (view random posts)

Live notifications (broadcast alerts, messages, news and more to all your visitors)

Real time users (display real time stats of your website including number of online users, popular pages and a dynamic geolocaion user map)

Navigation links (create a custom navigation menu or button that make it easier for your visitors to reach different pages)

Subscribe (add rss subscription button)

Sharing tools (facebook, twitter, email, digg, stumbleupon, yahoo! buzz, myspace and more)

Facebook community (create your own website community with facebook connect in just one click)

Twitter dashboard (post tweets from website, latest tweets, twitter search, and more)

Facebook fan page (bring your fan page to your website and grow the number of fans)

Photo gallery (display your flickr photogallery in your website)

Youtube channel (display your youtube video gallery in your website)

You can view the demo of the toolbar in the wibiya homepage itself.

Use wibiya toolbar, make your site more popular, interactive and cool. ;)

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