World Cup 2010 Fever

WorldCup football, one of the most popular game in the history of sports. The day for the celebration worldcup 2010 ,june 11 is comming soon which is going to be hosted in Africa.The history will once again be written with the golden letters. I also cannot stay far from this great event and posting some article related to worldcup.

1.Worldcup day counter
I was surfing on the web and found this interesting widget which will display number day , time to left to start the great worldcup 2010 at Africa. It will keep us the reminder and never gona miss that event . To put this counter. Just copy and paste the following codes in the html page where you want to display the count downer.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><script type="text/javascript">// < ![CDATA[
if (WIDGETBOX) WIDGETBOX.renderWidget('78cb69c7-7039-4fc8-910e-9f076e5c6620');
// ]]></script>

The worldcup counter will be seen as follows.

For more information about this widget visit widgetbox.

2.World Cup official Anthem and song

  • Official Anthem for worldcup 2010

Official anthem by KK’Naan song “Waving Flag” chosen as official 2010 FIFA World Cup is great one and deserved to be the best anthem for this world cup.
You can also embedded this video on your website . I have taken the link from youtube. Just copy and paste the following code in your webpage and save it .

And you will see the output as follows

You can also use another music video of this anthem
Code is

And the video that will appear on the website is

  • Official Song for worldcup 2010

The official song for this worldcup is sang by one of the most popular singer Shakira and the song is titled WAKA WAKA. To embedded this video on your site ,just copy and paste the following link from youtube to your website.

The video will appear as follows

3.Worldcup 2010 wallpapers.
“A picture is worth a thousand words” , i am always inspired by these words. I have collected some good wallpapers from different sites and going to share here.
Download it and color yourself with the worldcup 2010.

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